Voting is consent to violence


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The act of voting – participation in the election system – is an expression of consent to the system of government authority, and represents acceptance of the legitimacy of the powers that are granted by the results of the election.

The purpose of this video is to publicly express my withdrawal of consent to authority of the government, renounce my belief in the false, toxic, violent religion of government, and to encourage you, whoever you are to remove your consent, and to STOP VOTING. Lately in life I’ve come to the realization that our belief in the legitimacy of the government’s authority is in fact a matter of religious faith and cultural indoctrination. Government is an inherently violent religion, as the basis of its so-called authority is the threat of violence against the population. The population is indoctrinated to accept that this special entity has the special right to put people in cages and kill people for not obeying its commandments or submitting to the enforcers. No individual person has that right, but somehow members of government magically do. We forget, that this entity is in fact made up of people – it is human beings that are granted these special rights to create and enforce laws, and use the threat of violence to control the population, and to extort the fruits of our labor to pay for itself.

Government authority is by its very nature an immoral construct, and must be rejected by those of us who believe in peace. We must evolve past our perceived need for such an institution, to build alternatives to its monopolies, to embrace the non-aggression principle. We must reject the notion that we require a class of people to rule over us in order to have a healthy, functioning society.

The rulers of my country of residence, the US, keep telling us that this is the most important election of our lifetime. It is important. To THEM. Because it maintains the illusion that we have a democratically elected government.

The belief that the United States is anything close to a democracy is completely, utterly irrational if you look at the big picture, with an honest examination of the evidence unfiltered through the propaganda machine that warps our perception of reality: we have a completely broken election system: hackable voting machines, proprietary election software counting the votes, effectively no functional validation mechanisms with “adjusted” exit polls and impossible recounts, proven primary rigging, blatant media manipulation with narrative control and censorship to keep us from seeing all of this. We’ve got a a completely bought and paid for political class – it is money and influence that drives the function of government, not the will of the voters. Multiple studies have shown a complete lack of correlation between the will of the voter and actual government function.

Yet every four years it’s drilled into our heads how important it is that we VOTE – we’re taught that it is one of our most important duties as a citizen. But it never changes – it CANNOT change – who actually owns the politicians: wall street corporations and banks, and other unelected “deep state” players: military and intelligence agencies. The ridiculous left-vs-right bullshit dichotomy hypnotizes us into a us-vs.-them sports-team mindset, that keeps the proletariat fighting bullshit ideological wars with each other – despising each other – with people investing their very identities in bullshit labels like liberal, conservative, centrist, moderate, independent. The two-party duopoly creates the illusion of choice between two arms of the same corporate/financial/military ruling class. They are two arms of the same despotic rulership that doesn’t give a flying fuck about the well being of you or your family or your community.

But voting is not only ineffectual, it is actively counter-productive for seeking freedom from our illegitimate rulers. The most damaging function of voting is that it legitimizes a completely illegitimate corporatocracy. The act of voting implies consent to this system. It makes us feel like we’re participating in power, like we’re actually accomplishing something with our actions. Participating in the election system by voting perpetuates the illusion that the US is anything resembling a democracy.
It is most certainly not. It is an empire ruled by an oligarchy.

But please understand: even if the US government had a functioning election system, and somehow our votes actually managed to have an effect on the function of government, the idea that a majority rule can grant an institution the right to a monopoly on violence is inherently flawed and immoral. No human beings can legitimately have that right – the right to a monopoly on violence. No one has the right to initiate violence. That is the non-aggression principle.

We must understand that “Democracy” in and of itself is not a sacred holy moral good. If you don’t believe me, consider the act of gang rape. Gang rape is a democratic process. Gang rape is a group of people democratically deciding to commit a heinous violent act against a victim. That’s a true statement – there’s no way around it. Of course that doesn’t mean all democracy is morally objectionable. But it does illustrate my point: we shouldn’t worship this concept of “Democracy” – it cannot be the end-all be-all of societal organization. It is a tool that has both legitimate and illegitimate uses. It can be utilized for good and for evil.

The system we have is this under our so-called democracy: if you want to live in these borders, you are forced by the threat of violence to pay a significant portion of the fruits of your labor to pay for, not only subsidies to the largest most profitable and corrupt corporations, but also your “fair share” to the biggest war machine this planet has ever seen. You are forced by your government to pay for weapons of war and campaigns of murder, to line the pockets of the war profiteers in the military industry, to purchase weapons for terrorists. You are forced to pay the salaries of the militarized police that put drug users in cages in our “free” country, and regularly put bullets into unarmed civilians.

If you morally object to any of this, and attempt to opt out of paying your “fair share” for these things, eventually government mercenaries will put you in a cage. If you attempt defend yourself from the thugs who try to drag you away to that cage, you will almost certainly be killed by them. Of course, if you have a problem with the way that works, we’re told you can take it to the ballot box, you need to beg your representative to do what they can to change it. You can go in the streets and up hold signs and “demand” things of the ruling class, who will if your lucky weigh your demands against the mandates of their corporate owners. Or you can try and run for office yourself and see how far you can get trying to change the system from within, to pry the authority from the iron grip of the current ruling class, playing by their rules, of course. Good luck with that.

But the thing is: none of that is ever going to correct the fundamental problem of government – that this special entity is granted superhuman rights on the initiation of violence. The right to put a gun in your face and your body in a cage for not paying your taxes. That fundamental flaw is inescapable and is completely damning, as is the tendency of the worst, shittiest people among us being the ones driven to seek the positions of power and dominance over others. To seek the positions that give them those superhuman rights. Even if by some miracle you can manage to “un-corrupt” the system, any form of centralized power has a gravitational pull that sucks in corrupt power hungry psychopaths.

You might call me cynical for describing the government in this way, or crazy for rejecting the idea of centralized power. I think it is honest, realistic assessment, but yes, if I stopped there at only criticism and only the negative, I think you’d be right to call it cynicism.
I’m not cynical, I truly believe we can do better, if we can just see and confront our own dark side – both individually and collectively. In fact I believe it is the next stage of our collective evolution. I think it’s a similar thing to how a child starts their lives under the authority of their parents. Its not a perfect analogy, but the parents do have legitimate authority to restrict freedom of their children in certain ways. But eventually the kid grows up and is no longer subjected to the their authority. Collectively it’s time for us to grow up, and move out of our parents’ house. To reject the authority of mommy and daddy government, and take care of each other without an institution that rules over us by the threat of violence.

I’ve heard liberal politicians tell me I should be radicalized by what I see with the police violence, and the systemic racism and so on. But that call to be radicalized kind of falls flat on its face when what is meant by it is, get enraged, go to the polling place, and vote harder for someone as despicable as Joe Biden. That’s not radical. Radical is head-on confrontation of your worldivew and basic assumptions, and willingness to question the very fabric of your reality. Opening our eyes to the mass deception, and rejecting the toxic authoritarian ideologies that we’ve been programmed with and have believed in for our whole lives.

My decision to not vote in this election is not a symptom of apathy. My burning of my ballot this year symbolizes my rejection of the illusion of choice that we are given, to reject the legitimization of a violent murderous institution. It also represents my pledge to move forward and join those who would participate in a nonviolent revolution by working together to build a peaceful community based on the non-aggression principle and decentralization of power, to build alternatives to government and corporate monopolies – to eliminate dependence on this violent institution and create self-sufficiency by growing our own food, use alternative currencies to transact in a counter economy, build mutual aid networks and prepare for disasters and the inevitable economic collapse so we can take care of each other without being dependent on our corrupt rulers.

We must work to make the government obsolete. Voting is counter to that goal.


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