I’ve heard a few things that really made me cringe during some of the online church services in recent months during this so-called “new normal”.  One week the minister speaking in a mocking tone about people who “did their research” and came to the wrong conclusion about masks.  Another week the minister lecturing us on individual vs. collective freedom, telling us that in the US our rights to free speech can be superseded by the states when politicians decide it is for our collective health and well-being.  But the thing that really made me cringe was when a small child was reading a poem – a poem expressing the sentiment that everything can go back to normal when we finally get a vaccine.

Everything can all go back to normal when we finally get a vaccine!

That is the messaging that we are having drilled into our heads. Media is relentlessly pumping us full of hardcore fear porn about a “staggering” number of cases that are ravaging humanity so we’re frightened and compliant into accepting whatever authoritarian mandates that politicians decide is in our best interest. We are being propagandized from any and all directions to accept as unquestionable fact that our only way out of this is if the pharmaceutical companies can produce a vaccine and get it injected into everyone.  (Never mind that there has never been a vaccine for the other corona viruses: SARS, MERS, and the common cold.)

As we await the benevolent infallible pharmaceutical companies to produce our holy savior vaccine that is deemed “safe and effective” by the benevolent infallible regulatory agencies, it is our responsibility and patriotic DUTY as responsible, intelligent, moral, science-believing citizens to stay confined in our homes, to keep our kids out of classrooms, to keep a piece of cloth over our faces, to not hug each other, to believe everything NPR tells us, and – perhaps most importantly – to look down upon and shame those selfish scumbags who don’t conform to masking and social distancing guidelines/mandates.  It is also important that we stay as far as humanly possible away from anti-vaxers, anti-maskers, conspiracy theorists, and nutbags who question the validity of those mandates, who question the mainstream media fearmongering, who express concerns for an encroaching police state and medical martial law, who ask borderline maniacal questions such as “who benefits from what is going on?” or  “is it possible that politicians, global corporations, and corrupt regulatory agencies might not have our best interests at heart? ” or “Could somehow maybe this relentless keep-everyone-in-constant-fear mainstream news coverage be serving an agenda or two???”

Anyway, it’s evident I’ve got some opinions of what’s going on with this pandemic, and that those opinions aren’t exactly in line with the “consensus reality” of the left-leaning population.  But I’ll concede that my conception of what other people are perceiving may not be 100% accurate, and fully acknowledge that my own perceptions are coming through my own filters.

Let me just assuage your worry that I’m trying to sell you the idea that it’s all a hoax, or that people really didn’t die or get sick.  To summarize up my position: I believe a number of forces in society – politics, power, profit, psychology, propaganda – have given rise to a mass hysteria.  We are being divided, deceived, and manipulated, and the evidence is as clear as day if you can see past the propaganda and fearmongering.

What I want to do with this article is just lay out what I see as the most significant points, and plead and beg of you to try and see the overall picture I find so concerning.  By no means this will be comprehensive, and will almost certainly lead to follow-up articles.  But my hope is at the very least that I can convince you to go from unquestioning acceptance of the next thing the mainstream media tells you about COVID to having a modicum of skepticism about it!


What’s a COVID Case and a COVID Death?

As of the writing, CDC reports about 19 million “cases” and about 330,000 “deaths”.  I put them quotes to draw attention to the fact that the definitions of these words are important.  Just because they’re English words of which we know the dictionary definition doesn’t mean we can make assumptions about their precise definitions in this context.  The media reports these numbers relentlessly but never give us a precise definition.

A “confirmed case” is a positive RT-PCR test result.  “Probable cases” are also included in the numbers published by the CDC, and do not require laboratory confirmation. [CDC] [WHO]

It is worth noting that traditionally, a “case” of a sickness would include some symptoms of said sickness.  However, per both the WHO and CDC, only unconfirmed (probable/suspect) cases actually require symptoms. WHO even explicitly states that a confirmed case is “irrespective of clinical signs and symptoms.” [WHO]  This is in contrast to other case definitions provided by WHO for influenza and respiratory illnesses, which require symptoms to be present. [WHO]

A couple questions worth asking: What is special about about SARS-CoV-2 that a case of the disease it causes, COVID-19, needn’t have any symptoms?  Should we have any concern for false positive rate on the RT-PCR tests being used, as those results are counted as “cases”?

Recommended viewing: What is a COVID-19 Case? – Dr. Sam Bailey

Side note: I’ve noticed it has become commonplace to use the phrase “So-and-so has COVID” when someone gets tested and the result is positive. In contrast to, for example, with HIV we don’t say one has AIDS when one is HIV-positive without symptoms. But somehow we’ve taken to lumping together all “cases” for COVID.  By not making a distinction between viral infection and actual disease caused by the virus, we’re exaggerating the overall severity.


A “COVID death” is a person who had COVID-19 on their death certificate, whether it is the sole cause of death, or a contributing factor. [CDC]

As stated by Dr. Ngozi Ezike of the Illinois Dept. of Public Health, “The case definition is very simplistic. It means, at the time of death, it was a COVID positive diagnosis.”

Granted, it is the decision of the actual doctor filling out the death certificate to include COVID as a contributing factor.  However, the case definition would conflate death *with* COVID and death *from* COVID, causing the numbers to overstate the overall severity.

Furthermore, in the US, hospitals have financial incentives to over-report covid deaths.  Scott Jensen goes into some details how that might pervert the data reported, without calling in to question the integrity of the doctors reporting the deaths.


Some Basic Facts & Stats

A few relevant data points, all taken from generally-accepted data sources – nothing that could remotely be considered “fake news”.

  • 80% of infections are mild or asymptomatic [Google/WHO]
  • 80% of COVID deaths are of persons aged 65 or older [CDC]
  • 94% of COVID deaths included co-morbidities [CDC]
  • There are no set of symptoms distinctive to COVID-19; varying symptoms of respiratory disease that could be attributable to various causes. [Mayo] [CDC] (Notice the section: “What’s the difference between Flu and COVID-19?” – CDC says they’re effectively indistinguishable based on symptoms)
  • The CDC included an outright falsehood on their main “Testing Data” web page, stating that “A positive test result means you have an infection.” [CDC] (it may be detecting dead fragments, as described in the following section; or it may be a false positive)
  • Infection Fatality Rates “Best Current Estimate” [CDC]
    • Ages 0-19: 0.003%
    • Ages 20-49: 0.02%
    • Ages 50-69: 0.5%
    • Ages 70+: 5.4%

Also, take a look at this fully-referenced list of facts documented by Swiss Policy Research.

A Note About PCR Tests

PCR is a technique for amplifying sequences of DNA or RNA.  The PCR test, uses the technique for determining if a sample from a patient contains sequences of viral RNA.  It works by running the sample through a series of amplification cycles; each cycle roughly doubling the quantity of target DNA, eventually getting a detectable amount of it.  A test is considered “positive” if viral RNA is detected by the time a “cycle threshold” is reached.

By its nature, the test is not binary.  A cycle threshold has to be chosen; a sample might be positive with one CT and negative with a lower one.

Furthermore, the test doesn’t actually identify viral infection, as the RNA detection cannot not differentiate between viral fragments or active infection.

According to Dr. Michael Yeadon, “PCR false positive pseudo epidemics go back a long way.”

And some words from Dr. Tony Fauci’s own mouth: “if you get a cycle threshold of 35 or more, the chances of it being replication-competent are minuscule.”

Yet the tests that are approved by the FDA for emergency use consistently have a cycle thresholds from 35 to 45 for classifying a test result as positive.  Mainstream media doesn’t tend to dwell on these details, but once in awhile the truth wants to come out.   New York times: Your Coronavirus Test Is Positive. Maybe It Shouldn’t Be. Naturally, they don’t bother paying mind to how those false positives are inflating the numbers that we’re being told to be so afraid of.

For more insight, read David Crowe’s article on the test: Issues with the RT-PCR Coronavirus Test.  For a concise description of the issues with PCR testing, see The PCR Decption by The Conscious Resistance.

Finally, for some detailed discussion as to why the current case numbers must be loaded with false positives, please see this video by Dr. James Lyons-Weiler.


To me, the whole “are masks effective?” debate is secondary to the question of how dangerous the SARS-CoV-2 virus and the COVID-19 disease actually are.  However, it is clear to me that this is a wedge that seems to be aligning pretty clearly on the left-right divide.

From one perspective, you might divide the the population like this

  1. good responsible, upstanding mask-wearers who actually care about other people; and
  2. shitty, selfish, stupid moronic anti-maskers, who don’t give a flying fuck about their neighbors.

From another perspective, maybe you see the population like so:

  1. Intelligent freedom-loving independent-thinkers who know science and understand that masks don’t work
  2. Brainwashed moronic virtue signalling sheeple who do whatever their told

But there’s a 3rd perspective – that of someone in power in the upper class who benefits from everyone in the middle and lower classes fighting with each other:

  1. A bunch of meager little proles whose lives I get to control and play with.  Buncha fuckin’ idiots.

Anyway, I really don’t want address the pro-mask or anti-mask question here; it seems you can cherry pick the studies that support your position, and call that “The Science”. (Although according to my understanding, randomized-control studies [1][2][3][4][5][6][7] really ought to be considered the “gold standard”.  And if we’re going to talk about throwing people in a cage or imposing fines on people for not complying with “mask-up” mandates, well, seems like we ought to have more than shaky evidence that the thing being mandated is even effective.)

By the way, if you ask that lying sack of shit Dr. Anthony Fauci, he’ll give you whatever answer suits whatever particular agenda he’s aligned with at the time.

A carefully controlled narrative

Mainstream media wants to keep the narrative contained in a pretty tight little overton window.  Even the aforementioned NY Times article that actually acknowledges false positives is careful to frame it in such a way to make the virus *more* dangerous, ignoring the question of just how many false positives constitute the scary “case” numbers that are constantly drilled into our consciousness.

Facebook actively suppresses information that doesn’t fit the mainstream narrative, as Jeremy Hammond reports about lockdown harms, PCR tests, fatality rate, and vaccine safety.

If you only consume mainstream media, you’d think only crackpots, kooks, maniacs and quacks diverge from the position of Fauci & Co.  However, there are many medical and scientific professionals that dissent, as evidenced by the following list of links.

Understand that not all of these people have identical viewpoints, nor am I saying that they’re “right” and the ones given voice on mainstream media are “wrong”.  What I want to emphasize is that these individuals have the credentials, and their opinions and perspectives that should be taken into consideration by anyone claiming to have any interest in the truth.

“Yeah, but…”

Understand, I’m not saying those people who died don’t matter, or that people didn’t suffer, or that lives weren’t ruined.  I AM saying that the narrative is being controlled, truth is clearly being distorted, the severity is being amplified, and that the overall existential threat to humanity may not be as bad as we are led to believe.

Mass Hysteria is a real thing.  Groupthink is a real thing.

Think of the psychology at play: FEAR IS THE MIND KILLER.  For this to be spun up out of control it needn’t be a singular centralized conspiracy.  Different facets of our society have different reasons for joining in on the collective insanity.  Media obviously gets better ratings with sensationalism.  (If something is “bad for America” but “good for rating$”, we can be damn sure the media industry is going to run with it.) The average joe might not want to stray from the overall “consensus” that we’re all in mortal danger, lest he be thought of as being an insensitive asshole who doesn’t care about the sick elderly who are dying.  Medical professionals might not want to dissent from the official narrative out of interest of their career and reputation.  Pharmaceutical companies and their investors have every interest in getting billions of people begging for vaccines.

I’ll leave it there for now.  We’ll get into vaccines and the health industrial complex in the next posts.


Recommended Reading/Viewing

  • Dr. Zach Bush interview w/ Del Bigtree
    • HIGHLY recommend hearing what Dr. Bush has to say here…  Zach Bush has a diverse background, and seems to take a holistic view in how he talks about humans being members of a complex microbiome.  He has insights into the role air pollution and carbon dioxide play a role in the pandemic.  He has a very different perspective than the prevailing idea that we should be “at war” with any virus.  I highly recommend watching the the interview to the end.
  • No, the CDC Did Not Admit That SARS-CoV-2 Has Not Been Isolated – Jeremy Hammond
    • I include this, because you might be pulled into the rabbit hole on this topic.  Believe me, things get a little murky when delving into alternative media on the internet, and you might find yourself reading articles or comments by people insisting that there is no virus.  You might see this as evidence of how whacked-out kooky the alternative media is, and that it should all be dismissed wholesale.  Well, its not so simple.  I’ll let Mr. Hammond show you some of the nuance.
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