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Okay, in my post about Covid-19 I’ve presented a number of points that hopefully raise at least a modicum of doubt in your mind about the severity of the pandemic and the validity of the numbers that are being relentlessly drilled into our heads. But maybe it hasn’t. Maybe my presentation is invalidated by the fact that my degrees are in Computer Science, not medicine or biochemistry. Maybe everything I listed you see as misrepresentation of the facts and you feel justified in throwing it all in the garbage, and you feel that we should all be scared completely and utterly shitless about the virus as the media says we should be.  Fine, let’s roll with that.

Even if this is the case, I’m going to ask one thing from you: take a closer look at Bill Gates. Go ahead and roll your eyes, scoff, groan, express disgust with me for uttering his name in the context of COVID and the implying that he’s anything but a swell guy.  Do whatever you need to do, but hear me out.

For Starters:

Understand that when he retired from Microsoft, the fortune he had at the time would have allowed him to spend:




…and when that century’s over, he’d still have a vast fortune of 13 BILLION Dollars left over.

Every single day, without ceasing, not even taking a single day off, blowing $1,000,000 (an amount of money that if your or I were given would dramatically change our lives) for a goddamn CENTURY. He wouldn’t even be done… could still keep it going for another 36 years. (get your calculator to confirm. I triple and quadruple checked it.)

Mind-blowing, right? Take a moment to grapple with that, don’t just say “wow, that’s a lot of money he’s really rich” and dismiss it.  REALLY try to grasp that unimaginable quantity – literally astronomical magnitude – of personal fortune owned by a singular human being.

Take it in: A million a day for 100 years, with an eleven-fucking-figure fortune left over.

OK, from there, add this little detail to the mix:  since leaving Microsoft, supposedly to focus on philanthropy with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation,


Doubled. What he had wasn’t enough for him.

I’m sorry, but this transcends “successful businessman” bullshit we’re supposed to accept as we all line up to suck his dick in worship of his greatness. This is a symptom of severe mental illness to hoard that much wealth. I find it ironic that society would label folks like myself as mentally ill for questioning the motives of such a man, for thinking he might have anything other then the best interests of humanity at heart.  Perhaps that is the symptom of an ill society.

That being said, I don’t hate him because he’s “rich” (or, to put it more accurately, a hoarder of astronomical severity), nor do I envy his wealth.

Rather, I am concerned about the power he wields over large swaths of the population, how that power is amplified by modern technology, and how so many smart, intelligent people are conned into thinking he’s a swell guy who has the best interests of humanity at heart.

I beg of you to look behind the PR machine that he has purchased for himself, look at the monopoly of the health industry and the control over the media he has acquired.  Let the hoarding I described above be a red flag that prompts you to look deeper with a little skepticism.  The evidence is out there that he is a dangerous, evil person with an agenda.

It is particularly alarming given the current state of the world, given that the propaganda machine has millions of people believing that the only way to “go back to normal” is vaccinating the world, with many even advocating for government coercion to force people who don’t want it.

It is not a conspiracy theory to point out how Gates’s form of philanthropy that allowed him to double his Microsoft fortune centered around the incredibly profitable vaccine industry.  And it isn’t conspiracy theory to point out the vast financial ties that the Gates Foundation has with the major media outlets.

Understand that this mentally ill man has incredible power and influence, despite what the propagandists say to make us believe that just because he’s not the president he’s powerless just like you and I.

I will conclude with an incredibly well-written, well-presented documentary about Bill Gates created by James Corbett. There’s no speculation, no theorizing about motives, no wild conspiracy theories whatsoever, just a dispassionate and extremely thorough and meticulously documented presentation of demonstrably true facts about the man, his foundation, his connections and his history.

If you have any inclination that Bill Gates is harmless, or trustworthy, or a force for good in the world,  please invest the time to watch this documentary.


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