The COVID Vaccine

Everything can go back to normal when everyone takes the vaccine!!!

That’s what we’re all supposed to believe right?  We’re all supposed to rush to get injected as soon as we possibly can so we can be part of the solution, part of helping society get back to normal.  If too many people are misinformed, stupid, or selfish enough to not want to take the vaccine, then we are morally obligated to find ways to coerce them into doing so, either though direct federal mandates or denial of services and rights.  Right?

I just want to do a short post to share some incredibly important pieces of information that you should take into consideration if you’re eager to go get vaccinated for COVID-19.

Let me make myself 100% clear:  Call me irresponsible, reckless, and anti-vax if you must, but in this article I am absolutely encouraging you, the reader, to hesitate before accepting the COVID-19 vaccine.  I am explicitly encouraging “vaccine hesitancy”, because I firmly believe we have every reason to hesitate for a moment or two to ask some important questions before having pharmaceuticals injected into ourselves or our children.  Hesitate and think critically: look at the context, examine the evidence, listen to different points of view, think critically, and don’t be bullied or pressured.  Don’t put yourself in harm’s way to “go along to get along”.

If you, the reader, think what I am saying is “dangerous,” then I’d like to ask you sincerely: examine the following facts, do the research to confirm that they are true, and weigh the danger of my encouraging independent critical thought against the danger of mindless conformity in this situation.  Consider the danger of the precedent set for future situations in encouraging mindless conformity to whatever authority has the loudest voice and largest budget.


The mRNA vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna are an experimental new technology.

There is no way around this, no matter how fervently or passionately you chant or scream the magic words “safe and effective”.  mRNA technology has never been approved for human use, yet in 2020 the pharmaceutical companies managed to crank out two in a few months.

It is just a basic fact that an experimental agent is being injected into millions upon millions of people as we speak.

There has never been a successful coronavirus vaccine. Past attempts have had major safety issues.

Beyond SARS-CoV2, there are 6 other coronaviruses; the causes of the common cold, SARS, MERS.  There have been failed attempts to create vaccines for coronaviruses.  The animal safety trials for past attempts had some very concerning results with disease enhancement and pathogenic priming.

(A transcript of Dr. Lyons-Weiler’s speech available here.)

It is simply impossible to know what kind of long term health effects exist.

If the safety trials for a vaccine only last a few months, it is logically impossible to learn from those trials what kind of adverse health effects it may cause over the long term.  This seems particularly relevant given the experimental nature of the vaccine, and the nature of the issues found with prior coronavirus vaccine attempts.

There’s really no reference needed here.  It’s just basic common sense.  However, according to one immunologist, “regulatory approval of the RNA based vaccines for SARS-CoV-2 was premature and that the vaccine may cause much more harm than benefit.”


The pharmaceutical companies have legal immunity from injury caused by vaccines.

If you get injured by a vaccine, you can’t sue the vaccine manufacturer.  Legal recourse happens through “vaccine court” via the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVICP).  The federal government (i.e. the taxpayer) takes on the liability for risks, not the pharmaceutical company.  This has been true since 1986 when the program was formed.

Note that, for the COVID-19 vaccine specifically, the federal government indeed takes on liability for any injury.  However, it isn’t via the NVICP, as noted in the HRSA FAQ.

This is huge.  Insanely huge.  The pharmaceutical companies are incentivized by massive profit from billions of people scared into taking their product, but face NO financial consequences from damages caused by said product.  Furthermore, take note that the pharmaceutical companies can further profit from any long-term conditions caused by the vaccine by selling drugs to treat those conditions, buying expensive advertisements with news outlets to sell those drugs…  Advertising that of course would never affect objectivity in those outlets’ reporting on the illnesses and any suspected link to the original vaccine… (because in a battle between journalistic integrity vs. big money, the former always wins, right?)

It is not conspiracy theory to state this plain, simple fact: The incentives are terribly terribly warped.

“We don’t know” if the vaccine prevents transmission or infection.

Seems like a pretty major issue to me, but the media and authorities have done such a good job with their gaslighting that most everyone just accepts this in stride.

Quick note, if you want to get pissed at me for refusing this experimental vaccine: If the vaccine doesn’t prevent infection and transmission, and only prevents development of the disease in the person receiving the shot, then logically that means my getting the shot makes no difference in how “dangerous” I am when I go out in public. The benefit of the shot is exclusively my own: I get infected with or without the vaccine, only I get away with fewer or no symptoms if I’m vaccinated.


The media is heavily biased toward pro-vaccine, and censors and suppresses factual vaccine information.

Mainstream media and social media do not give you all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Great Barrington Declaration is a group of doctors and scientists from around the world speaking out against authoritarian responses to COVID-19


COVID-19 is treatable, and is mild in the vast majority of people

Is rushing into a mass vaccination with an experimental technology really necessary when the disease itself has effective treatment?

“Informed Consent is a Myth”


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