An Open Letter to UU Ministers Regarding 1/6/2021

The following is a letter I will be sending to all UU ministers in the US whose email address I can find. Give it a read; tell me if the perspective reflected therein indicates the author to be an unhinged lunatic or even a dangerous extremist.



Hello there,

I am a member of a UU church, and I am writing to any and all UU Ministers who will listen. I apologize for the unsolicited message, and for the length of this letter, but there is a very serious information war going on now, and I fear that in this war, the UU church is in danger of being an unwitting participant in the the propaganda machine of the US Empire.

I am deeply concerned about the reaction from the UUA and from the liberal/progressive left in general about the events of January 6th 2021. I am deeply concerned by the fact that the UUA readily jumps in with full-throated support of the rhetoric “extremist” “insurrectionist” and “coup”, while remaining completely silent about the unprecedented massive attack on free speech that has taken place in the wake of the events. I am deeply concerned that the UUA had a whole “UU the Vote” campaign last year, but blatantly dismisses the election integrity issues brought up by republicans, participating in the partisan gaslighting in parroting the line that the 2020 election is “the most free and fair election in history”.[1] I fear that as an organization, we are participating in and falling victim to a propaganda campaign, being manipulated and herded in an awful partisan “divide and rule” power-grab strategy. I hope with this letter, God willing, I can play a part in opening some eyes to this game.

If these opening paragraphs make you roll your eyes and want to dismiss me as a paranoid wacko, I challenge you to please read this letter in its entirety, follow-up on my references, and challenge me where I am wrong. I’m a reasonable person and am only interested in the truth and enlightenment.

Firstly, let’s consider the rhetoric surrounding the events of January 6th. I noticed that almost immediately many on the left were eager to jump on the bandwagon of calling it a terrorist attack, an insurrection, an attempted coup: dramatic terms that elicit emotions of horror and outrage. My impression was that this resonated with a kind of dark pleasure in placing an awful label like “terrorist” on the Trump supporters that we are supposed to consider our enemies. Four years of hatred that has been boiling for Trump and his supporters seems to be at play here, and is no doubt delightful to those in power who would have us in the middle and lower classes of society pitted against one another in a debilitating game of “us vs. them”.

Let’s reflect on the phrase “Terrorist Attack”. I’ve heard on NPR and other left-leaning media outlets the pundits try to convince us that this is *technically* a terrorist attack by dictionary definition. But set that aside and consider the associations of the term: bombing or gunning down a crowded location with the intent of killing and maiming as many innocent people as possible. Flying an airplane into a skyscraper with the deliberate intention of murdering thousands of people. Explosions, body parts, gore, mass murder of innocents. Extremely dark, traumatic associations.

But what happened on 1/6? There were 5 casualties – one lady shot by a cop, others died of “medical emergencies” in the chaos.[2] Yes, there was violence – emotions were high and people were angry. (And, if we’re being honest, before jumping to conclusions with events like this we have to consider the possibilities around outside provocateurs working to serve a particular agenda – just the same as with the riots that took place around BLM protests.) But understand that none of the Trump supporters actually killed anyone; the ones who did die were Trump supporters themselves [3] (even the report of the police officer who was supposedly beaten with a fire extinguisher was false). Certainly there were no explosions, there were no body parts lying around, no mass murder. Yet we are being propagandized to have mental associations with what happened to 9/11, and to pearl harbor as another “day that will live in infamy”.

Why do you suppose that is?

From what I can tell, the media wants us to be shocked and horrified at the blasphemous violation of the holy sacred halls of federal government. But is that really on the same level as horrifying grotesque acts of large-scale mass murder? As deliberately pumping bullets into or blowing limbs off of innocent human beings? Yes, I know those awful Trumpers frightened those poor, poor congresspeople: the very same highly-paid congresspeople that keep the wheels turning on the military industrial complex that commits on a daily basis with bipartisan support real actual terrorism and murder in other countries [4]…. Let me just say I fully support having compassion for all humans – even apparently evil ones – but it seems pretty pathological for us to fall all over ourselves with shock and pity for these congresspeople getting frightened one afternoon while barely giving a second thought to the constant ongoing violence, murder and slavery taking place in the name of American Empire that those people directly enable.

It comes down to this: the forces at play here want us to deify those in positions of political power, to worship the holy authority structures, to have a religious devotion to the sanctity of government and a fervent, dogmatic faith in the legitimacy of their authority. I hope you can see that… They are playing on our feelings of “patriotic duty” and reverence for government that we’ve been indoctrinated with since childhood, as well as our hate for Trump that has been stoked for 4 years by the media.

Regardless of my opinion here, I think that history clearly shows us we need to be extremely careful throwing around loaded words like “terrorist” and “coup,” and advocating for government action (i.e. more violence) to deal with it. Historically how much has the government done in the name of “national security” to protect us from “terrorists”? Is it that difficult to imagine that this event would be exploited to push us toward supporting greater militarization, more censorship, more surveillance, greater restrictions of freedom all in the name of “national security”? We should not forget the Patriot Act that was rushed though after 9/11. [5] And here’s an *extremely* important point: while the Patriot Act was enacted under the despicable war criminal George W. Bush, in fact Joe Biden is publicly proud of being its author! [6]

If we insist on calling January 6th a “terrorist insurrection”, I feel we must ask the question: What are our benevolent leaders going to do to keep us safe from all the dangerous terrorist insurrectionists lurking on every street corner?[7] Call my cynical, but I’d be willing to bet dollars to donuts that it’s something extremely profitable for the Military/Intelligence/Security Industrial Complex. And I’m sure it’d be really swell for them if we all eagerly consent to whatever it is, committing fully to the belief that whatever freedoms we’re asked/forced to give up are necessary for the collective good. Oh, and it’d be super helpful if we all think of anyone who might be opposed to it as “domestic extremists” subject to execution by drone strike…[8]

Indeed, the utility in shaping opinion and manufacturing consent for increased militarism is one possible purpose/benefit of the dramatic narrative being promoted around the events. But there is another huge one: It also serves to obfuscate the actual purpose of the massive pro-trump rally in DC that day.

I’ve noticed that many people on the left don’t even realize what those people in Washington DC were protesting. Before I looked into it, I got the impression that it was just a neo-nazi rally, that a few idiot Trump supporters were getting together to celebrate white supremacy. While there may have been such people present, the giant rally that was attended by tens or hundreds of thousands of people was in fact a “Stop the Steal” rally. It was about election integrity. A group of Americans who felt their votes did not get counted properly – that the election system had failed them – were demonstrating to make their voices heard.

Why is that basic simple fact so widely misunderstood?

The media has been insisting that all claims of election interference are “baseless”. “Baseless claims” this “baseless claims” that – you’ll read about over and over and over and over again. Well, I can tell you with absolute certainty in no uncertain terms that to call the claims “baseless” is an absolute, provable falsehood. There’s no wiggle room here: literal, blatant bald-faced lies fill the media about this. There is a clear basis for the clams. There is evidence: statistical anomalies, affidavits and testimony, all things that warrant investigation.[9][10a][10b] Maybe these pieces of evidence are not ironclad proof, or can all be explained away and ultimately dismissed. Regardless, evidence does in fact exist, and it forms the basis for the election interference claims. Therefore, the claims cannot be factually called “baseless”.

Please understand this: the term for what the media is doing is “gaslighting”. We are being led to believe that any possibility of election interference is completely utterly unthinkable… that any question in your mind that it might be even remotely possible should make you question your own sanity and mental stability. But isn’t it strange that we just got through 4 years of the media telling us that “Russia” hacked the election of 2016? So sometimes we’re allowed to think the election system is vulnerable, other times we are not. To put it bluntly: our rulers are fucking with our heads and we need to get wise to it. Left and right alike. The cold hard reality is that the election system is flat-out broken. It has been known for decades that proprietary voting machines and other election computer systems are hackable and vulnerable to back doors. Validation with recounts is next to impossible, and, exit polls are “adjusted”. [11] That’s to say nothing about gerrymandering, voter suppression, voter purges, voter fraud, and ballot harvesting. It is extremely naive to think that these vulnerabilities aren’t being actively utilized; we’re talking about power and profit.

By the way, people concerned with election fraud aren’t just right-wing lunatics. There was actual proof of rigging by the DNC in the 2016 primaries against Bernie Sanders [12.1] [12.2], and strong evidence of election tampering [13]… many progressives in alternative media were screaming their heads off about it; for whatever reason Sanders chose to pretend it didn’t happen and stay silent. (my guess: he’d have been treated exactly like Trump is being treated now for speaking about election integrity) An interesting detail that wasn’t widely publicized: a couple of attorneys filed a class-action lawsuit against the DNC on behalf of donors who gave money with the expectation that the DNC would be impartial and allow democratic primaries. (Emails published in Wikileaks prove that the DNC conspired w/ media and the Clinton campaign to make Clinton the nominee). During one of the hearings for the lawsuit, the DNC lawyers actually argued that rigging their primaries is a right protected by the first amendment. [14]

Pull all the details together and it would seem that American democracy is faith-based. No wonder questioning the election system is considered heresy. If people really start opening their eyes to the piles of evidence out there, their faith would be destroyed. (Maybe you’ve noticed that the crisis that we hear about is that of people’s waning trust in the election system – as opposed to deeper issues with the actual trustworthiness of the system. Call me whatever names you want, but this is a bit of a red flag to me…)

Now, I apologize if this letter is getting a little long. But, before wrapping up there is one more critical issue related to the January 6th incident that we need to care about: Big Tech censorship.

I read in multiple places that Trump was responsible for inciting the riot that took place on 1/6. That in the speech at the rally he incited people to storm the capital and be violent. I wanted to see exactly what he said in full context. It was difficult to find the full speech; it was nowhere to be found on Youtube. But I did manage to find the speech and listen to it. [15] I found one quote that was published on CNN to indicate he was inciting violence (at about 15:30 mark), and heard it fully in context. Not two sentences after the supposedly incriminating quote, Trump said “I know that everyone here will soon be marching over to the capital building to peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard,” explicitly calling for peaceful demonstration. Hate Trump all you want, but nowhere in the speech does he call for violence. (Also worth noting: Trump even posted a message to twitter explicitly calling for de-escalation, but twitter removed it.[16])

I wanted to share this discovery, to provide the full speech on YouTube so people who are interested in follow up on the claims of incitement and see the evidence for themselves. So I uploaded the video to my personal account, only to have it taken down the following day as a violation of “community guidelines”. The violation: “Content that advances false claims that widespread fraud, errors, or glitches changed the outcome of the U.S. 2020 presidential election is not allowed on YouTube.” Hopefully the issues are obvious here: the largest video platform on the planet (A) disallows publishing the evidence that disproves the claims of incitement made by some politicians and mainstream media, and (B) asserts as unquestionable fact that there were no election integrity issues in the 2020 general election, disallowing any claims contrary to that “fact”.

You’ll see the same kinds of censorship taking place on Facebook and Twitter.[17] Perhaps you heard of the website Parler, who’s main selling point is that they don’t censor, allowing the users to communicate freely. Well, Parler’s hosting was with Amazon, who took them down shortly after the 6th, ostensibly for their role in allowing the “terrorists” to plan the capitol insurrection on their platform. The voices on that platform tended to be more conservative, so a lot of people on the left seemed either to not care about or to be in support of the deplatforming.

Big tech in combination with mainstream media is controlling which voices are allowed to be heard, and is actively suppressing others. This is censorship, and censorship is incompatible with freedom.

As a religion who supposedly cares about people’s ability to have a free and responsible search for truth and meaning, the issue of censorship and free speech should be an especially important one. We can’t be complicit, let alone supportive of powerful entities suppressing speech, even if the content of that speech we disagree with. This should be obvious, and I almost feel like a condescending ass telling you this. But then again, the UUA itself has effectively spoken out in support of suppression of free speech with the statements I referenced earlier.

If you haven’t read the book 1984 recently, I highly recommend a re-read in light of our current state of the world. The infamous “Big Brother” surveillance is only a tiny part of the dystopian society that Orwell describes. With big tech, mass media, and the blurred lines between corporate and government power, we have a “Ministry of Truth” taking form right before our eyes. Institutions telling us what to believe, and pathologizing dissent and critical thought.

In conclusion, I need to beg of you to wake up to and reject the partisan manipulative games being played by the politicians, corporate oligarchs, and their lapdog media. Please take a step back and entertain the idea that neither of the political parties in federal government are aligned with UU morals and values. There is no “our guy” – only “their guy”; that the federal government is controlled by an oligarchy that is working to manufacture consent for an illegitimate rulership, that uses the media to manipulate us with propaganda and fear, with divide-and-conquer tactics to get us to hate fellow citizens, to get us to support government violence and tyranny, marching us toward a more and more authoritarian, dystopian society. If we cannot rise above these mind games, our UU organization will devolve into being merely an arm of the oligarchic power structures, a tool to help homogenize thought and manufacture compliance to tyrannical government authority.

Thank you for having taken the time to read this. I send my best wishes to you and your congregation.
























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