The COVID Emergency

Lets have a look at a few statistics.  We’ll take the government numbers at face value, and not worry about the distinction between death from COVID and death with COVID, or what percentage may or may not have been mis-attributed to the virus.  Let’s just assume we have an accurate representation of the death toll of the virus.


Global Cumulative COVID-19 Death Count
(JHU, rounded up as of 4/8/2021):

3 Million Human Lives


We believe COVID-19 to be an emergency severe enough to justify mass global lock-downs devastating economies and small businesses, keeping the population in constant fear with daily reporting of scary numbers and by making everyone cover up their faces, and pushing to inject the entire human population with experimental vaccines as rapidly as possible.  This emergency is so exceptional that many are even talking seriously about mandating these vaccines, violating individuals’ right to bodily autonomy and coercing them to be injected.

Furthermore, the Covid emergency justifies multiple relief packages by the federal government, creating trillions of dollars out of nothing, dramatically inflating the dollar and devaluing savings and retirement accounts of everyone:


US Government spending/inflating for COVID-related relief
(USA Today):

$4 Trillion


Now let’s switch focus.  Without implying any sort of devaluation of the above 3 million human beings and their families, lets consider another issue causing many deaths: hunger.


Annual estimated Number of lives lost to hunger,
(the world counts):

9 Million Human Lives


Also, note that some research has been done to estimate how much money it would take to end world hunger.


Yearly Cost to End World Hunger,
(borgen project)

$30 Billion


These numbers paint an interesting picture:

  1. World hunger has, year over year, 3 times the total Covid death toll, but we haven’t considered it 3 times the global emergency, justifying of drastic measures to address.  We just frown and shake our heads and say “oh that’s so sad” and move on with our lives.
  2. Our “leaders” could justify printing 4 trillion dollars for the Covid emergency.  By some simple math, 4 trillion dollars could solve the “non-emergency” of world hunger for 133 years.  Even if Borgen’s estimate is wildly understimated by an order of magnitude (the true cost is 10 times what they estimate), the Covid stimulus money could end world hunger for 13 years.

It is also worth noting the difference in demographics affected.  Per CDC’s estimate, children under 18 infected with SARS-CoV2 virus have about a .002% chance of dying.  Compare that to‘s estimate for hunger: “It is estimated that undernutrition… is a cause of 3.1 million child deaths annually.”

The death toll in a single year for children alone due to hunger surpasses the total cumulative death toll of COVID.

Why the disparity in perceived urgency between Covid and world hunger?  This is certainly worth some honest reflection.  I would guess the profitability of vaccinating people vs. the profitability of feeding people might be playing a role. As is the relative utility of hypnotizing and blinding all of us with fear and hatred.

I think it is evident that the people in power don’t actually care about human life.  The banksters and politicians with the power to create money, the media outlets that selectively report issues to hypnotize our minds, the corporations, institutions and governments that indoctrinate us into having twisted, contorted, fucked-up anti-human belief systems and massive blind spots… they don’t serve us, and they don’t actually care about human life.

Let me propose an idea:  the people in power don’t actually care about human life, so let’s stop pretending they do.  How about we stop calling them our “leaders”, let’s call them what they are: our “rulers”.  Let’s stop letting them con us, stop respecting their authority, stop begging them to do better things with the money they extort from us and just stop giving it to them.  Let’s stop looking up for solutions and start looking around us.  Stop fearing the things the tell us to fear, stop hating the people they tell us to hate.  Let’s reclaim our minds from these psychopaths.  Just an idea.


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