An open letter to UU Ministers

Well, I never sent out the other letter about the Jan 6th riots and narrative around that.  By the time I got the email addresses gathered and ready, it became evident to me that this mass vaccination insanity is much more of an urgent issue.

I’ll be sending the following letter out over the next few days.

Dear fellow UU,

I’m reaching out to you and 700 or so other UU ministers in order to convey a message that I feel is of extreme importance to not only our church, but to humanity at large.


Note: I did my best to locate the direct email addresses for all of the ministers in the directory on (quite a task!), but I had to resort to using the church’s office or admin contact for several people… if this is the case for you, I ask that you please pass this message along to your congregation’s minister(s). (thank you!!)

To sum it up: we are all being lied to and manipulated in a big way, and far too many people are unable to see through it; this seems to be especially true people who are on the liberal left. I realize I probably sound like a paranoid kook or something nasty or “alt-right” when I say that, but I ask you to please hear me out. I’m appealing to you as a UU of 9 years. It took me dozens of hours to pull together this information and articulate this letter, and believe me, I’d rather not hit “send” on this message. I’d really rather not be putting myself out there to whatever negative reaction comes back, and I’d surely rather not be putting a burden on your already burdened soul if it happens to open your eyes, or if it happens to cause you any distress or anger.  I have no delusions that very many of the recipients will even read past the first couple of paragraphs of some big long unsolicited email from a random idiot they’ve never heard of, especially one on this topic.  However, there is no doubt in my mind that this message has to be shared.  This picture has to be painted. I have serious concerns that our churches and the UUA may very well be unwittingly complicit in allowing a genocide to take place if we don’t snap out of the hypnosis.   It may be that serious. I sincerely hope it is not, but I feel its impossible to discount the possibility given how severely truth and “facts” are being warped these days, how true facts, misinformation and disinformation are so freely being conflated, and how heavily vilified and censored people are for speaking on certain topics, and how we seem to have pathologized any sort of distrust in or skepticism of government or authority.

Do we not have examples in history of mass deception and manipulation? Do you suppose there’s something exceptional about the present moment that makes it impossible that we experience it today, right now, or that you yourself and those close to you are necessarily immune to propaganda and groupthink?

I ask you to challenge your assumptions, and ask you to take a step back and try to look at the facts objectively, and even challenge me back. If you think I’m painting a distorted picture in the following paragraphs, tell me how and why. I fully embrace the possibility that I’m insane here – that the insanity I feel i am witnessing is solely within my own mind and the minds of my fellow paranoid “truthers”.  Now, will you entertain for a moment that your reality is not what it seems?

Truth is the goal here, nothing more.

Here is the picture that I see the facts are painting:

Our minds are being programmed en masse to accept without hesitation an injection of an experimental medical treatment whose long-term health effects are unknown, to accept without hesitation injecting it into our children. We are to believe that to hesitancy is the biggest threat to human health. Hesitancy is sinful, or at least is a symptom of a feeble or ill mind.

We are being programmed en masse to to look upon those who hesitate – those who opt not to inject themselves or their children with said experimental medical treatment, or who are opposed to mandates or coercion for imposing such injections on those who would otherwise refuse it – as enemies of the collective good.

The mental programming we are experiencing is extremely effective and has captured the minds of quite possibly the majority of people in western society. It must be understood that this effectiveness is not a reflection on the intelligence or lack thereof of the targeted people. Rather it is a reflection of the sophistication of the propaganda (a.k.a. marketing) techniques being employed, and the expert exploitation of vulnerabilities of the human psychology and group behavior. (Understand that Ed Bernays wrote Propaganda back in 1928; try to imagine the increase in sophistication almost a century of development might accomplish, aided by ample funding and modern technologies like social media, artificial intelligence, and mobile devices.)

Below I’ll lay out a list of genuine verifiable facts that provide critically important context. These facts are generally misrepresented or swept under the rug by the dominant narratives. Follow up on the references to confirm I’m not spreading misinformation of any sort by presenting these statements as fact. Look at the evidence, give a listen to the other voices out there (there are many contrarian voices out there with all the credentials but none of the mainstream media attention), and by all means, engage me and tell me how wrong I am in my interpretation of all of this.

Fact: There are, right now*, no approved, licensed vaccines available for COVID-19.

(*as of July 2021, with currently about half of the US population having received the injection)

The available vaccines are Emergency Use Authorized (EUA) which is an important distinction, as FDA approval and licensing involves years of placebo-controlled safety studies.

Yet we are being pushed from every direction to accept that this isn’t an issue, that an EUA mRNA coronavirus vaccine brought to market in less than 1 year is basically just like a measles vaccine or a flu shot.

Fact: The available vaccines are experimental, currently in active phase 3 safety trials.

Many don’t like the word “experimental”, and pretend like it is “misinformation” to use the term (such as in this Reuters fact check). However, Northwell Health has an FAQ answering the question about why the COVID-19 vaccine is considered experimental:

Vaccines that receive EUA are considered experimental until the FDA formally approves it.”

In fact, that Northwell Health FAQ is what is referenced when you google the question “are the covid-19 vaccines experimental?” Interestingly, the aforementioned Reuters fact check denying experimental status is the first search result (non-advertisement) for that same search query! Furthermore, the 2nd search result is the US National Insititutes of Health celebrating in January 2021 how effective the “experimental coronavirus vaccine” is.

Can you start to see the word games that are being played here with this? I would argue that this confusion is intentional: to get people confused, get you to dismiss the issue and not dig into it any deeper – just get your vax and go watch Netflix and don’t worry your pretty little head about it.

But let’s take a closer look at that Reuters fact check: scroll down and note in claims 3 and 4 how they attempt to debunk the claim that research trials are not completed. They imply without directly stating that phase 3 of Pfizer’s trial was completed in December 2020. Follow the referenced link to Pfizer’s press release, scroll down to the first subheading and note the statement about “The ongoing Phase 3 clinical trial of BNT162b2”. Right in the referenced document, phase 3 of the trial is stated to be ongoing, not completed as Reuters implied. (the ongoing status can be confirmed on; link is below)

Finally, note Reuters’ correction about “authorized” vs. “approved”. It confirms the first fact I listed above, all the while adding yet another layer of confusion. (as I said above, probably intentional) They’ve corrected one technical error, giving the trusting reader the impression they care about technical accuracy.

I hope it is clear that the intention of the Reuters fact check is not to elucidate truth, it is meant to deceive, to confuse, to paint a distorted picture of reality in the reader’s mind. This is propaganda, pure and simple. And take note: this is Reuters we’re talking about.

The indisputable facts remain: these vaccines are experimental by any reasonable definition of the word, and are in active phase 3 trials with completion dates well over a year into the future.

  • The active studies for the three US EUA vaccines:


Fact: The long-term health effects of these vaccines are unknown.

It would be nice to see some long-term safety data for mRNA vaccines that manufacture spike proteins, wouldn’t it? Well, that research is underway, and if you got the Pfizer or Moderna shot, then you get to be a subject in that research. To quote the linked article:

“Of course, the only way to know what, if any, long-term side effects result from the use of these mRNA vaccines is to follow the participants of the Pfizer and Moderna clinical trials, vaccinate and study many more people, and then follow all of them for several years. That effort is well underway. In fact, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) developed a new smartphone-based tool, “v-safe,” to increase the CDC’s ability to rapidly detect any safety issues with the Covid-19 vaccines. But what do we know about the potential long-term side effects of mRNA vaccines now?”

So, this article is telling us that we should feel better about the unknown long-term effects because the CDC has an app for tracking the effects going forward.

The author then goes on to hold up a couple of clinical trials of mRNA vaccines, one for prostate cancer that had 76 participants, and the other for rabies vaccines from 2013, which showed it to be “generally safe and tolerable”. If you take a look at the latter trial, you’ll find it had 101 healthy adults aged 18-40, all qualifying based on a list of 28 inclusion and exclusion criteria.

So, this article is telling us that we should feel better about the unknown long-term effects of injecting the global population with coronavirus mRNA vaccines because some other mRNA vaccines were “generally safe and tolerable” in a carefully selected group of a couple hundred people.

The purpose of my showing you this article is to point out (a) that the long-term health effects of these vaccines are unknown is accepted an undisputed fact, and (b) that an example of mainstream media trying to convince you you needn’t worry about that fact can only make a ridiculously weak case to anyone who applies a little bit of critical thinking and digs ever so slightly beneath the surface.

Fact: The pharmaceutical companies have legal immunity for injury caused by the vaccines they manufacture.

Since 1986, vaccine manufacturers have enjoyed legal immunity from liability for vaccine injury via the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVICP), with the taxpayers covering the cost of any compensation for injury when awarded in a special federal “Vaccine Court”. With the COVID vaccines, however, coverage is provided via another program: the CICP, (per the PREP Act, see the HRSA FAQ). The PREP act actually extends the legal immunity beyond just manufacturers, including those who prescribe, dispense, distribute or administer the vaccines.

What this means is if you’re injured by one of these experimental vaccines, you cannot sue the corporation that made the vaccine, nor can you sue anyone involved in the supply chain. You can seek damages through the federal government. The pharmaceutical company, who benefits financially from you taking the vaccine, will not suffer financially if their product injures or kills you. It is taxpayer money that is used to compensate you or your family in such an event, if you’re lucky enough to be heard and awarded.

Worth noting: there’s a concept known as “regulatory capture” which is a form of government failure that happens when an industry manages to exercise undue influence over the agency that is supposed to be regulating it.

Fact: The pharmaceutical corporations have a rich history of litigation and fraud, misleading the public and injuring people with their products.

These “corporate rap sheets” speak for themselves: Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson, GlaxoSmithKline, Merck.

(Perhaps you’ll notice Moderna missing from the list…. I’d hesitate to get any “warm fuzzies” about that, as they are a new corporation and have never released a vaccine until now. Also I think it is worth pointing out they aren’t disconnected corporate shenanigans: Moncef Slaoui, the head of Operation Warp Speed, stepped down from the board of Moderna to take on the federal position, but he was careful to retain a “contractor” status so as to avoid having to disclose conflicts of interest – namely tens of millions of dollars worth of investment in the companies that stand to profit heavily from mass vaccination [washingtonpost] )

Also I feel it relevant to point out: J&J knowingly sold asbestos-contaminated baby powder for decades, and now everyone is trying to convince us that questioning safety of their vaccine is anti-science heresy. Am I an awful person who is promoting “vaccine hesitancy” for pointing out the obvious issue here? Or is some skepticism about the “vaccines are safe” dogma warranted given this context?

If someone has a history of screwing you over, why would you trust them? If that someone has another highly-profitiable opportunity to screw you over again, but has no legal repercussions for screwing you over again, how might that affect their trustworthiness?

Fact: The “95% effective” claim is extremely misleading.

It represents a marketing technique used by a for-profit corporation trying to make a product they are selling look attractive. They show you the numbers that “look best”, not the ones that can give you an accurate picture of their product.

The number 95% represents a relative risk reduction. The absolute risk reduction calculated from the very same data is closer to 1%. And absolute risk reduction is a much more useful number to consider when deciding whether or not to take a medical intervention. See the references below for a clear explanation. It is very simple math and reasoning, and is truly mind-blowing that this issue can be swept under the rug like it has been.

Worth noting: if you weren’t informed of both the relative and absolute risk reduction when you got vaccine, it means you were unable to give informed consent for the treatment, which would have been an incredibly serious ethical violation on the part of those who administered the treatment.

Fact: These vaccines have been causing severe injury and death.

Mainstream media is giving everyone the impression that these vaccines are free from risk, and are largeley ignoring the CDC’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS). Take a look at, which is a user-friendly presentation of data from the VAERS system. (Also, consider a critical limitation on that monitoring mechanism – an issue that the CDC deliberatly failed to improve after an investigation in 2007 by Harvard Pilgrim found that less than 1% of vaccine adverse events were even getting reported to VAERS.)

You probably can recall the widely-publicized “pause” of the Janssen (J&J) vaccine that purported to be “out of an abundance of caution” for a couple of blood clots caused by the J&J vaccine. They made it sound like there was only a couple of cases, that the odds of any problems are so low that it doesn’t represent any sort of real risk. However, MSM fails to report that VAERS to date shows about 9,000 of reports of blood clots for *all* of the Covid vaccines (not just J&J). We are supposed to assume that all of those reports are either coincidental or fabrications, and the only real ones are the handful of instances we hear about on The News.

Note that while VAERS is touted by the CDC as “the nation’s early warning system for vaccine safety”, there are those in mainstream media that would have you believe that any reference to it constitutes misuse by deplorable “anti-vaxxers”, since it contains unconfirmed reports: notably this article from Vice. There are many problems with the Vice article, but let’s take just a quick critical look at one important leg of their argument. In attempting to convince us to ignore VAERS, they reference this study and point out the finding that only 3% of a random sampling of 100 unconfirmed reports had a definite causal link to a vaccine (i.e. the reported adverse event was definitely caused by the vaccine). That same study found 20% were a “probably”, and another 20% were a “possibly”. So according to the study, 43% of the hundred reports they examined were at least a “possibly caused by vaccine.”

OK. Now let’s consider the fact that the aforementioned investigation by Harvard Pilgrim for the HHS found that fewer than 1% of vaccine adverse events are even reported to VAERS.

So, let’s do a quick calculation. We’ll be extra conservative and say 10% of adverse events got reported rather than 1%… if 9,000 reported blood clots and strokes represents the 10% that were reported, the true number that ought to have been reported would be closer to 90,000. If only 43% of those are “possibly” caused by the vaccine, then that gives us almost 39,000 cases of blood clots possibly caused by a Covid vaccine.

Now, I’m not saying that’s a perfect analysis – that was just one small example to demonstrate the magnitudes of the numbers we are dealing with. I hope it is clear that the Vice article is trying to trick you into throwing VAERS in the garbage by misrepresenting a study that actually shows that VAERS ought to be payed attention to.

The fact remains that VAERS data does in fact constitute indisputable evidence that the COVID vaccines are causing severe injury and death, and paints an extremely different picture than what we are getting from mainstream media and government institutions. Don’t you think it is a bit of a red flag that people are being subjected to vicious name-calling for pointing to the CDC’s reporting system and we are being bullied into rejecting its legitimacy?

But abstract numbers and reports are only a piece of the picture; we should take VAERS as one data point to consider among others. Below are accounts of actual vaccine injured people. In two videos below with Del Bigtree interviewing people injured by the vaccines, notice a commonality about getting doctors to even acknowledge any possible connection to the vaccination. The “Vax Longhaulers” website is filled with accounts of vaccine-injured people just wanting to be heard by the medical establishment. For some reason the doctors are terrified to admit the vaccine could even possibly cause injury, even in the face of obvious evidence.

Fact: True information that may cause “vaccine hesitancy” is actively and deliberately being suppressed by news media, social media, and institutions.

This belief that “vaccine hesitancy” is the greatest threat we’ve ever faced seems to be driving a mass psychosis where we accept that anything that could potentially cause it constitutes “dangerous misinformation.” Anything: true information, testimony from legitimately credentialed doctors and scientists, first-hand reports of ill effects… It represents a grave danger if it causes people to hesitate.  Humanity cannot afford to have you hesitating even for a moment to carefully consider the risks and your own unique health situation before accepting an injection into yourself or your children.

Whistleblower Morgan Kahmann who worked for Facebook revealed internal documents revealing their policy about suppressing “Vaccine Hesitant” material. First anonymously, then later he went on the record.

Furthermore, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration is simply going to stop enforcing requirements on employers for reporting employee health problems due to the vaccine because they don’t want to discourage people from gettting the vaccine:

“OSHA does not wish ot have any appearance of discouraging workers from receving COVID-19 vaccination, and also does not wish to disincentivize employers’ vaccination efforts. As a result, OSHA will not enforce 29 CFR 1904’s recording requirements to require any employers to record worker side effects from COVID-19 vaccination through May 2022.”

Fact: Doctors are having success with a number of treatments for COVID-19; discussion about it is actively and deliberately being suppressed by news media, social media and government institutions.

Mainstream narratives don’t tend to include voices of the doctors who are having success with treatments, or the experts who point to the evidence that effective treatments exist. Obviously effective treatment reduces urgency for vaccinations, and calls into question the necessity of injecting every human on earth with experimental substances.

Look at YouTube’s Medical Misinformation Policy; if this policy is violated in a video that is uploaded, YouTube removes the video as “medical misinformation”. Some violations include:

  • Content that recommends use of Ivermectin or Hydroxychloroquine for the treatment of COVID-19
  • Claims that Ivermectin or Hydroxychloroquine are effective treatments for COVID-19
  • Content that recommends use of Ivermectin or Hydroxychloroquine for the prevention of COVID-19

Note that the source of the recommendations do not matter – a qualified physician or scientist is weighted equally with a random idiot ranting in his car. Scientific evidence doesn’t matter; simply pointing out databases of studies showing success with Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine is enough to violate the policy.

Fact: Anthony Fauci is absolutely, unequivocally a proven liar.

This man that mainstream media is attempting to deify as “America’s Doctor” is little more than a corrupt politician, and is clearly using his position of authority to further the interests of pharmaceutical industry, and not the interests of public health.

A rundown of notable lies and deceptions:

It is also worth taking a look at some of his emails that were obtained via a FOIA request.

These are not nit-picky technicalities used to unfairly attack this man. These are big lies meant to intentionally deceive people and serve an agenda.

Fauci is not the man we’re being led to believe he is. We need to snap out of this hero-worship and deification of this corrupt politician that is obscuring the truth about what’s going on.

In summary, here is a list of verifiable facts:

  • No Covid vaccines are licensed and approved by the FDA. The vaccines injected into hundreds of millions of human beings are all experimental and are in active safety trials.
  • Long term health effects of Covid vaccines are unknown.
  • The pharmaceutical companies manufacturing the vaccines are corporate profit-driven institutions, are immune from legal liability for injury caused by the vaccines, and have a long history of litigation and fraud, misleading the public and injuring people with their products.
  • The advertised effectiveness of the vaccines is deliberately misleading, as they advertise a “95% effective” product that offers an absolute risk reduction of less than 1%. Mainstream media and government authorities go along with the marketing uncritically in touting the 95% figure.
  • The vaccines have in fact been causing injury and death, and true information about potential safety risks is actively being suppressed as “misinformation” in the name of preventing “vaccine hesitancy”.
  • There are a number of effective treatments for Covid-19, and voices of doctors and scientists trying to share that information are actively being suppressed.
  • Anthony Fauci, the face of the US’s response to COVID-19, is a proven liar on critically important issues. He has been minimizing the role of treatment, focused on vaccination as the only solution, clearly acting in the interests of the pharmaceutical industry rather than furthering public health.

Now, given these facts, how is it that we can have everyone in respectable science-believing society in unanimous agreement that we should be rushing to get these experimental vaccines injected into absolutely every human being as quickly as possible? 

Collective insanity, that’s how.  That’s where we are, I see no way around it.

As far as I can tell, what we have is widespread misplaced trust in authority and a severe case of groupthink. It is driven by fear and pseudoscience, exacerbated by politicization and labelization – left vs. right, anti-vaxxers vs. pro-science, us vs. them – the flames of which are being stoked relentlessly by corrupt forces in those positions of authority that we are indoctrinated since childhood to trust. The minds of many intelligent people are captured by a kind of “Science by Fiat” state cult, in which straying from “consensus” orthodoxy is heretical, and conformity is virtuous and responsible. The concept of science has been perverted – contorted into a religion of sorts – for the purpose of mass control. “The Science” has become more about faith in and obedience to the dictates of a centralized authority – and an artificial “consensus” – and has little to do with asking questions, challenging assumptions, testing hypotheses and honest analysis of data.

This message to you is an attempt to get you to see that the emperor is not wearing clothes.  He is not only bare-ass naked, he is standing in front of us with a raging erection, stimulated to maximum capacity by an insane vaccine fetish, uncontrollably horny for the penetration of every human arm on earth. The emperor is acting on behalf of the pharmaceutical industry, who has captured the mainstream narratives, who has captured the government regulators and wields unwarranted control over the funding of research and the so-called credible institutions and media outlets that dictate “The Science” to everyone. We cannot play into this insanity that mass global vaccination is the end-all-be-all of resolving the COVID situation. We have to learn our lesson that corrupt, insane governments constantly use the threat of invisible enemies to keep the population fearful, unquestioning and obedient.

Let’s knock it off with being fearful, unquestioning, and obedient.

If we’ve any hope at all, a critical mass of individuals must snap out of the hypnosis and adopt some skepticism around the narratives driving the groupthink. Otherwise, this is not going to go good places as vaccine passports are implemented, as regular booster shots are mandated and pharmaceuticals are required for basic participation in society, as injuries and deaths caused by vaccination are swept under the rug and/or are blamed on your deplorable “anti-vaxxer” neighbors who you will be pushed/programmed to hate more and more.

In conclusion, I encourage you to listen to two credentialed medical professionals that offer very different perspectives than what is allowed on mainstream media. I’m not saying take everything they say as gospel truth. I’m saying that we ought to hear their voices and consider what they are saying. As credentialed professionals in relevant disciplines, they have a right to speak and be heard, and you have a right to hear a diversity of opinions from doctors and scientists. If you only listen to those who are allowed on mainstream media, then you only are ever able to hear from a very limited subset of opinions and perspectives that are out there.

Interview with Dr. Peter McCullough

Interview with Dr. Michael Yeadon

And, since I’m writing to UU ministers, it seems appropriate to conclude with this quote by Rev. Frederick-Gray, as she concluded a video not too long ago:

“May we be able to say as Unitarian Universalists that we did all we could to support the health of one another, the health of our neighbors and communities, that we did our part to save lives, to affirm life.”

Much Love and Respect,

Gene Lockett


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