Opening Back Up, Welcome to Dystopia

Well, my local church is opening back up next month, requiring masks for everyone.  I have to say, I’m grateful that at least its not the segregated requirement we’re seeing here in all over California as dictated by the holy leaders of Science at the CDC: masks for the unvaxxed.  Its pretty distressing how so many people just accept the “masks for the unvaxxed” thing in stride.  “Cover your face if you haven’t received your experimental injection, because that’s what authority says.”  Never mind that the justification from authority is divorced from actual science, and never mind how fucked up it is to accept such systematic discrimination so readily.

At any rate, I’m glad the church leadership could apparently see reason to not implement the “masks for unvaxxed” policy at least.  But I’m still pretty sad to think of everyone finally able to get back together and see each other, stuck wearing their compliance muzzle.  Even if there are some that realize the ridiculousness of masks, it’s not like someone can say “hey, don’t you all realize the obsession about masking is based on pseudoscience and fear?”  Too many of us too fully invested in the idea that we need them, and that “anti-maskers” are bad, selfish people.  I suspect some of us would be outraged by the mere suggestion that maybe the anti-maskers could ever have been right.

I know on this blog, I get a little snarky, a little sarcastic, and I’m sure some anger and frustration comes through here and there…  I try to hold back but it can be difficult, as this has become a creative outlet more than anything.  For the moment I just want to express sincere sadness.  I want to make it clear I in no way look down on any of my fellow humans who believe in masks and the propaganda narratives.  It is more of a prison than anything.  I feel at this point there’s no going back.  The mask is part of the identity and the ideology, a badge of membership in the tribe of the caring & compassionate, and that cannot change until authority gives the word.  My anger really comes from the fact that the authorities are going to take advantage of this whole segment of the population for as long as possible.  The authorities are going to drag this on forever, telling us to be scared of a never-ending stream of new variants, giving us more toxic injections we should feel obligated (or forced) to receive, filling our minds with never-ending stream of manufactured fear and urgency.  As these well-meaning compliant people get sick and die from some either toxic shit in these vaccines or breathing in bacteria from their face covering, they’ll believe unquestioningly the scumfucks in government when they’re told its some new variant, or that it’s the anti-vaxxers’ fault.  And they’ll jump right in line when Fauci and his evil cartel say its time for the next booster shot of more toxic shit.

I feel so bad for those whose thoughts are imprisoned.  I used to feel angry and annoyed… Let me confess something.  I used to volunteer at my church’s food pantry, and they’d require all the volunteers and all the people picking up food to wear masks.  And after i stopped going (it was when they started to require full face shields in addition to masks) there was a part of me that felt angry and annoyed at them – the nice people willing to sacrifice their time to do something good for the community (the best kind of people on the planet, really) – I’d think about them and would feel a dislike for them, thinking how stupid and annoying they are.  I regret ever having that feeling, even if it was involuntary.

There’s seriously difficult shit going on, and the only thing I’m sure of right now is the need for hefty, hefty doses of compassion.  The need for compassion, inward and outward, and probably the need for a great deal of strength in making some tough choices.

Trapped.  If you want to break free from the thought prisons, you just have to trade in your community and friends. No big deal.  Maybe I don’t need to feel bad for these people that I see as imprisoned.  I’m just as imprisoned in a different way… imprisoned in my inability to just go along to get along.  I’ll find a way to break free – maybe run off and build a rural off-grid homestead and connect with like-minded freedom-oriented community – and probably will find a new prison of a different sort.  All part of the journey I suppose.  A journey into insanity?  Possibly.

Anyway, welcome to the “new normal”.  a.k.a. the dystopian reality where facts are toxic and harmful if they cause you to think the wrong way. Where obedience to authority is the highest virtue, and the gravest sin is critical thought.  Where exposing your face is dangerous if they say it is, and an experimental pharmaceutical product is safe and effective even if it isn’t.





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