Independent Journalism & Alternative Media

To be a real journalist you must ask inconvenient questions, shine light in inconvenient directions, refuse to parrot establishment narratives, and be indifferent to the approval of the powerful.

To be a rich and famous journalist, you must do the exact opposite of these things.

Caitlin Johnstone


  • Corbett Report – James Corbett
    • By far my favorite researcher/truth-seeker – he’s done a ton of amazing documentaries, and is really good at research, organizing and presenting information.
  • Last American Vagabond – Ryan Christian
    • I feel like he’s is up there with Corbett; i haven’t been following him for as long though.  He’s really good at staying away from political bias.
  • Unlimited Hangout – Whitney Webb
    • Amazing journalist looking into CIA, deep state and such; amazing work looking into connections with operation warp speed.
  • Wrong Kind of Green – Cory Morningstar
    • Amazing journalist looking into nonprofit industrial complex, financial and corporate influence and corruption with the whole climate change and “Green New Deal”, Greta Thunberg and such.
  • Jeremy Hammond
  • The Highwire – Del Bigtree
    • A project of the Informed Consent Action Network (ICAN); focuses on health issues and provides a strong science-based counter to the pharma industry funded narratives
  • Wrench in the Gears – Alison McDowell
    • Great research into Technocracy, 4th Industrial Revolution, The Great Reset
  • MCSC Network: Niko House and Convo Couch
    • Definitely on the “progressive” left politically, but they’re one of the few on the left i’ve seen actually paying any attention to election fraud this year.
  • Glen Greenwald